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Frequently Asked Questions


What is “digital textile printing”? 
The best way to explain “digital textile printing” is to think of a large custom inkjet printer with a special fabric handling system loaded with high-tech textile inks printing designs on white cotton fabric.  Digital designs are sent to the printer from a computer, and the designs are replicated with special ink onto the fabric.

What are the advantages of “digital textile printing”?
The primary advantages of digital textile printing are the frequency in which new designs can be made available for purchase and the variety of designs available for sale.  Traditional fabric companies print fabric in Korea or China using standard silk screen processes.  This means that by the time they get the designs from their designers, burn the silk screens, test the ink and print process, create samples, run full production quantities, and ship the finished goods to the United States, six months to a year has passed.  This is a long time; especially when color and design trends change so quickly.  They also have to print thousands of yards of each design to make the process economical.  Digital textile printing is different.  We use our digital textile printers to offer “on demand” printing.  We only print what is ordered.  We also employ a completely digital production process that enables us to receive a design, complete all the testing, and offer it for sale in less than twenty-four hours.  This process allows us to always be on-trend and offer a greater variety of patterns and colors than traditional fabric companies.    

What type of fabric does Modern Yardage use?
We print on 100% cotton pre-shrunk poplin fabric.  It is a tighter weave and higher quality than tradition “60 squares” quilting weight fabric. It is very soft. We also have cotton canvas and voile, which we can quote yo
u for if you contact us directly. Be aware that color absorbs differently on different types of fabric, causing color to vary by substrate. As of July 1, 2015, we only print 56" wide fabric.

Do you offer other types of fabric?
We also offer cotton canvas and cotton voile, which we can quote you if you contact us directly. Again, colors vary based on substrate.

What are the washing instructions for Modern Yardage fabric?
We recommend washing the fabric separately on a gentle cycle in cold water.  Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Will Modern Yardage fabrics stand the test of time?  
While some fading should be expected after washing fabrics dyed with pigment inks, our fabric has good wash and crock fastness. We use specially formulated textile pigments and a custom designed heat setting machine to ensure any color fading is minimal. If wash instructions are not followed, fading may be more apparent, especially on darker colors.  
How long will it take to get my order?  
Because we print “on demand” it takes some time print and fulfill orders.  Generally, orders are shipped within five business days. However, during busy times it may take longer.  Expect your order to ship within one week. 
Where can I find Modern Yardage fabric?  
We sell our fabric online. Our quilt labels are available in various shops across the US.
Do you sell wholesale?  
For more information contact us at info@modernyardage.com.

Does Modern Yardage do custom fabric printing as well as fabric designed by Modern Yardage designers? 
We do offer custom printing. details are on our Custom Designs page. 

How can I be sure that your fabric colors will match the other colors in my project?  
We sell fat quarters which are large enough to be used as samples to compare color and visualize scale. It us up to the customer to make sure that colors match. Refunds are not offered due to colors not meeting expectations of customers.

What is a Fat Quarter?
A fat quarter is a one-fourth of a yard of fabric cut 18" x 22" rather than the standard 9" x 42" cut.